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Job Openings for Young Professionals

We are constantly on the lookout for talented junior staff for our business to be on top in the market with innovative ideas and drive. Of course you will receive extensive training opportunities.

We look forward to receiving your application.

Job Title

Job Category



Current Vacancies

automation technology and thermal surface technology

Salching (DE)

now open

Details of how to apply

Please send your application preferably by email to one of the addresses listed below. Further information on your application can be found here.


Tobias Riedl
Personnel Officer
Telephone +49 9421 – 5520-4193
Julia Kiermeier
Personnel Officer
Telephone +49 9421 5520-4194
Nadja Fakhreddine
Junior Personnel Officer
Telephone +49 9421 5520-196
Anne Ratajak
Telephone +49 9421 5520-4192