On 2 September 2019, a new and exciting stage of life began for 22 junior employees at the Sturm-Gruppe.

Mr. Rolf Graf (Managing Director of Sturm Holding GmbH) and Mr. Matthias Altmann (Training Manager) as well as the training team welcomed the new trainees and presented the company and its philosophy to them. The afternoon programme included a tour of the company as well as the training workshop. This year Sturm-Gruppe welcomes 7 industrial mechanics, 1 machining mechanic, 2 mechatronics engineers, 3 electricians, 2 technical product designers, 4 industrial clerks and 3 dual students. The company is currently training 75 apprentices in nine different occupations and offers four dual courses of study.

We wish everyone a good start to their careers and much success!

Picture: left (Mr. Matthias Altmann, Mr. Rolf Graf) right (Mr. Manuel Aigner, Ms.Katharina Neumeier, Mr. Moritz Hoque) + 21 trainees (one trainee only starts on the 9. September 2019)