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Surface Coating Systems

Coating systems for metal and plastic surfaces

We develop tailor-made, high-quality machines for surface technology exactly to our customers’ requirements and ideas. With our own engineering and state-of-the-art production equipment, we at Sturm design and build coating systems for almost all materials and coating media for plastic and metal painting – of course, taking into account environmental protection and energy efficiency.

Product range

  • Plastic parts: From lipstick cases to exterior components for cars
  • Metal parts: From brake discs to car/lorry bodies

Installation types from round and chain coating machines to the paint line

  • Installation types from round and chain coating machines to the paint line
  • Cabins and workstations with ventilation, air conditioning, dry or wet separation and heat recovery
  • Dryers with ventilation, heating and waste-air purification such as convection dryers, radiation dryers with infrared, induction drying or UV curing as well as dryers with dehumidified air
  • Conveyor technology
  • Application technology for manual and robotic applications with material supply, ring circuit systems, paint mixing rooms as well as automation technology

Coating media

  • Wet paints (hydro/solvent paints) and UV paints
  • Release agents and adhesives as well as Geomet®, Alutherm® and zinc dust
  • Adhesives and PVC materials
  • Metallic coatings (see section “Thermal Surface Technology”)

Thermal Surface Technology


Sturm’s Advanced Cylinder Coating System (ACCS) is the most efficient modular solution currently available for producing thermally coated cylinder bore surfaces, by wire or powder, for the inside of modern (aluminium) cylinder crankcases. The core processes of this state-of-the-art surface technology are among our clear core competencies from activation through coating and cleaning to automated quality- and coating control.

Key benefits of ACCS coated cylinders (compared to steel liners)

  • Substantial weight saving due to substitution of steel liners
  • Extremely robust cylinder bore surface
  • Very low friction with longer wear resistance
  • Increased heat transfer into the coolant
  • Maximum thermal and mechanical load-bearing capacity
  • Reduced oil consumption and blow-by quantities
  • Higher compatibility with aggressive fuels

Your Benefits:

  • The modern RSW (wire) & APS (powder) coating processes are from a single source
  • A variety of different activation processes – tailored to your particular application
  • Fully equipped technology centre for prototype coating (RSW & APS) and process validation (roughening, cleaning, coating, honing and quality control)

Other applications for thermal coatings

  • Annular friction surfaces of brake discs
  • Energy technology (e.g. wind turbines)
  • Paper & printing
  • Electrical appliances (e.g. heaters) and many more


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