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We are STURM

We are STURM

Our Vision

We believe in technology as a key factor for a sustainable future. Our pursuit of customer satisfaction guides us to develop markets for intelligent surface coatings, intralogistics and fully automated manufacturing and to develop them in such a way that our customers consistently rank the Sturm-Group among the top 3 in the industry.

Our Mission

At Sturm, we have set ourselves the goal of achieving first-class customer satisfaction in our three areas of expertise.
“Intelligent Surfaces”, “Industrial Automation” and “Conveyor Technology” to achieve first-class customer satisfaction through technological innovation and project execution, supported by our STURM OPERATION SYSTEM.

The 3 levels of the STURM OPERATING SYSTEM are anchored in the organization:
„Mind the gap“: The strategy is executed daily and monthly progress is implemented in the context of ACTUAL and TARGET with variance analyses across all business units.
Daily improvement of value creation, both in the area of knowledge work and on the ShopFloor, by minimizing waste.
„Delivery First“: Systematic organization of daily customer frequency.

Our Corporate Strategy consists of 6 key building blocks

  • Build a balanced portfolio so that we expand our global reach, minimize industry exposure and significantly improve our throughput
  • Reinvent customer centricity so that we proactively engage in more meaningful communication, better understand what’s needed and where we need to do better
  • Transform our Business so that our strategy is executed by everybody everyday
  • Vitalise our core so that we grow our technological edge to better serve the future demands of our customers
  • Embrace New Leadership so that we can develop our employees faster by helping them to learn in order to solve customer’s problems faster
  • Drive Sustainability and Fairness simply because it’s the right thing to do

Our Understanding of Leadership

Unser Führungsverständnis

At Sturm, we have a positive view of people.

Therefore, our understanding of leadership fundamentally assumes that all our employees and colleagues have only the best intentions. We therefore recognize that our “system”, i.e. the structures, processes and framework conditions, influence the result more than the individual. All our improvements therefore target not only the employee, but the “system” in which the employee operates.

At the Sturm-Group, we understand “leadership” and thus the role of the manager as coach and player-coach:
We expand our striving for performance and efficiency to include the dynamic and situational design of responsibilities, decisions and cooperation in daily collaboration.
Thinking and acting are very rarely separated at our company.
Daily learning to increase our adaptability has a strategic meaning for Sturm.

What else is important to us…

Continuous improvement is a matter of course and becomes visible according to the motto “everybody everyday”. As a result, employees experience a very high level of self-efficacy, which increases performance and enjoyment of work.
The focus is on internal training and further qualification of employees.
This ensures the availability of internally required skills as well as the long-term retention of employees.
Governance and compliance systems have been successfully implemented.
Corporate management is very clear, uniform and consistent.
Sustainability targets are specifically formulated and measurable.
ESG compliance is a key corporate objective and is practised honestly.

Our Values



WE create clarity about our goals and strategies through open and honest information sharing.



WE complement each other and react in a balanced way to our environment. We do not see problems as an obstacle, but as an incentive for effective solutions.



WE think and act as a team, pulling in the same direction in order to pursue our goals together.



WE take responsibility for our duties, actions and make customer-oriented decisions.



WE show mutual respect by taking an honest interest in the work and challenges of our colleagues.



WE react quickly, effectively, flexibly and solution-oriented to change and thus constantly improve our processes.



WE create a constantly optimizing workflow through transparent work packages from request to delivery, in which all areas are involved.



WE act with integrity by bringing the values of the company in harmony with our individual thoughts and actions.