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Company History

The history of the Sturm family can be traced back about 275 years. Since that time the ancestors have been working as blacksmiths in Hankofen, a Bavarian village of 250 residents. The father of the current shareholder and chairman of the advisory board was a master blacksmith and an agricultural engineer. In the 60’s and 70’s he accelerated the agricultural machinery trade. As early as 1980, the farsighted father of seven children began manufacturing and assembling components for the industry with three employees.

Wilhelm Sturm, the current shareholder and chairman of the advisory board studied mechanical engineering and special welding engineering in Munich. fter his studies, he took over the position of plant manager in a metal goods factory. After two and a half years, he returned to his parents’ company in 1991 with 15 employees at that time.

Chronology of the most important milestones in company development:


  • Sturm Blechverarbeitung was founded in Furth near Bogen.
  • Global companies Krones and Flottweg were gained as customers. Now, after more than 25 years, they are still the biggest and most important customers of Sturm Blechverarbeitung.


  • In addition to the company of his parents, Wilhelm Sturm founded Sturm Maschinenbau GmbH together with a partner.
  • With the first order, a Power & Free conveyor, he became a direct supplier to BMW.
  • Start of the conveyor technology division.


  • Nothing short of a sensation was the order from the global player Bosch for the world’s first UV-coating system for 3-dimensional metal parts, not only because of the new environmentally friendly technology, but also because Bosch was an important new customer.
  • This led to the successful start of the area of automatic coating systems.


  • Wilhelm Sturm took over the 50% share of his former partner and thus became a 100% shareholder of Sturm Maschinenbau GmbH.
  • First order from Daimler for a side shaft paint shop using hydro paint.


  • Handover of the entire parental business including real estate to Wilhelm Sturm. including real estate to Wilhelm Sturm.
  • Sturm Blechverarbeitung was spun off as a stand-alone company (GmbH).
  • Establishment of a new company on a greenfield site in the industrial area of Salching (first construction phase).


  • The second construction phase in Salching was realized.


  • Acquisition of WBS Systemtechnik GmbH and the resulting foundation of WBS Fördertechnik GmbH for the technological product expansion of the conveyor technology division.


  • SMP Maschinenbau GmbH was established to expand of the range of services in special machines construction in the area of assembly and testing technology.
  • Start of the cooperation with Siemens Airport & Logistics in the field of airport conveyor technology.
  • Introduction of the new CI as Sturm-Gruppe.


  • The third construction phase again expanded the site in Salching.


  • Fourth construction phase: An administration building and two halls were erected.


  • Sturm participated in the ASIS GmbH in Landshut, a specialist in the field of application technology, material supply and control technology for coating plants. This strategic move enabled the company to act as a total supplier or general contractor for medium and large paint shops, e.g. for car bumpers, lorry cabs or car bodies. The investment was sold again in fiscal 2020.


  • Foundation of the production site in China/Kunshan (Sturm Machinery Co. Ltd).


  • Acquisition of the process and cleaning technology divisions of Moll Maschinenbau GmbH.
  • Foundation of four new sites in Germany.
  • Fifth construction phase: Erection of a production hall with office space and a 300 m² training centre.
  • Takeover of Wittenbauer GmbH.


  • The site in Leonberg for plastic parts painting facilities was established.
  • An engineering office for surface technology was acquired.
  • Sites in USA/Greer and Poland were founded.


  • Foundation of the Vision Technologies division (specialized in optical inspection technology, especially with the use of cameras) in Munich, to expand and strengthen the area of automation technology in particular.
  • The sixth construction phase was realized, with the building of another large assembly hall and office space.


  • Market launch of the Advanced Cylinder Coating System (ACCS). For the first time in the company’s history, a machine with an integrated measuring system was developed without a customer order. This efficient and modular system solution for coating cylinder bore surfaces of engines, enabled Sturm-Gruppe to expand their product portfolio with a very promising technology having great future potential.
  • Installation of an advisory board at Sturm Holding GmbH.


  • Sale of the first ACCS plant.


  • First major order for an ACCS plant with measurement system from a Canadian company.


  • Wilhelm Sturm takes over the chairmanship of the advisory board of Sturm Holding GmbH.


  • Nimbus Investments CXXX B.V. becomes majority shareholder of Sturm Holding GmbH
  • Spin-off of Sturm Blechverarbeitung


  • Foundation of the new Material Handling Systems site “Straubing-Sand”


  • Merger of Sturm Airport & Parcel GmbH with Sturm Maschinen- & Anlagenbau GmbH