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From battery cell coating to ready-to-install battery systems.

Our strength is to integrate the plant modules directly and easily into existing production systems. Automobile manufacturers, suppliers and other companies in the fi eld of e-mobility thus have a solid option for action when it comes to reacting quickly to constantly changing technological developments.

In addition, our industrial image processing offers reliable control of all processes at all times as well as end-to-end process optimisation. This ensures quality, saves costs and ensures efficient production.


UV Coating of battery cells

Quality, safety, sustainability and efficiency are the focus of our activities. In our high-tech UV coating facilities, the cells are painted in a two-stage process. This ensures a higher thermal insulation of the cells and reduces the risk of possible impurities passing through the complete paint layer.

Continuous quality controls take place during the entire battery cell production process to ensure perfect quality.

We offer flexible system concepts designed for cell lengths of 148-270 mm (current standard variably adaptable if required). For cells with sharp edges, we recommend implementing a pre-signing station, which ensures reliable insulation of the cells at the neuralgic points through additional pre-treatment.

The coating of the battery cells by means of a UV process ensures an optimal insulation effect and increases the thermal conductivity.

Your Advantages

Improved Quality and Safety

  • Optimum insulation effect
  • Durable and abrasion resistant
  • Increase in mechanical robustness and increase in thermal conductivity

Smooth Production

  • Fast curing
  • Short cycle times (1-2 s)
  • High productivity of up to 3,600 units/hour

Sustainable Production

  • No use of solvents
  • Less emissions
  • High recycling rate of overspray

Reduced Costs

  • Continuous operation
  • Optimised use of materials
  • Durable quality


Production and assembly of battery systems

We adapt our special assembly systems for the automotive OEM and automotive supplier sector variably to the requirements of our customers. With maximum flexibility and adherence to schedules, we integrate the systems into your existing production processes and organise the interfaces.

Taking delight in further development we are process supporters and join you on the way from plant planning over commissioning up to production and service & aft er sales.

We offer efficient automation solutions both in the assembly of battery systems and in battery assembly with the installation of the finished battery into the vehicle or on the chassis installation frame.

In our process testing facilities, the relevant processes are examined and further developed before we start planning a pre-series system or implementing a series system.

We are a solution-oriented process supporter who always keeps an eye on your special requirements, costs and time axes.

Our strengths

  • Short project lead times due to our high engineering competence
  • Many years of experience in the conversion and new construction of BEVs (= Battery Electric Vehicle), PHEV (= Plug-in-Hybrid Electric Vehicle) and MHEV (= Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle)
  • Planning of individual systems and special machine solutions together with the customer
  • High vertical range of manufacture and state-of-the-art design and planning tools
  • Retrofit: Flexible integration of the systems into existing production processes
  • High level of competence in assembling, converting and installing battery systems and their assembly
  • CAD simulation and virtual production make it possible to optimise the systems and processes in advance


With the right conveyor technology to smooth production processes

Our customers include well-known and international car manufacturers in the field of e-mobility. We plan precisely and tailor our modular systems to the complex requirements and local conditions of our customers.

The simulation of the entire system in the planning phase ensures that the processes run smoothly. This is our understanding of efficiency and an approach you can trust.

The battery components are fed to the necessary assembly processes on different load carriers with the appropriate conveyor technology.

We think in complex terms, develop new ideas and have the technical expertise to integrate our conveyor technology into your production systems with absolute adherence to deadlines.

Our Competence

Module conveyor technology

The cell packs delivered in transport containers are removed from the containers by robots, measured and placed on a workpiece carrier equipped with an RFID code.

The further transport of the cell packs to the battery assembly plants takes place via roller conveyor technology.

Skid conveying technology

The assembly of the vehicle battery during the assembly process also takes place on a workpiece carrier (assembly skid).

This workpiece carrier is transported via the skid conveyor system, which interlinks the assembly stations.

Container conveyor technology

The finished vehicle batteries are transferred into specially developed containers and conveyed to a fully automated high-bay warehouse.

There they are temporarily stored until they are called off for vehicle assembly.

Intralogistics process

We map the entire intralogistics process, starting with the delivery of the cell blocks, interlinking of the assembly stations, storage in the high rack incl. warehouse management up to the just-in-time delivery of the battery to the final vehicle assembly line.


Automated quality control with industrial image processing

We have been using industrial image processing for quality control, identification and robot guidance in automation technology for many years: From measurement, surface inspection, presence and absence control, orientation inspection to the identification of components, a wide range of relevant information is captured, stored and analysed.

As a manufacturer-independent system supplier, we offer you ideal solutions for your individual tasks. Our many years of experience, combined with expertise in automation technology and special machine construction, make us your perfect solution provider.

We unite all competences under one roof: from surface inspection and automation to conveyor technology, at the same time implementing full process control with vision technologies.

Your advantages

  • Reproducible, incorruptible in-line testing of components
  • 100 % control over your product quality
  • Analysis of data for process optimisation (Coating Optimizer etc.)
  • Modular manufacturing through pick & place solutions in 2D and 3D
  • We are a strong company providing solutions for image processing and mechanical engineering


Our claim is to offer everything from a single source – that means we accompany you not only before and during an order, but also beyond.

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