Details of how to apply

Details of how to apply

Specialists & Executives, Young Professionals

Your application should include the following:
  • Job title, location, earliest possible starting date and salary expectations
  • Please apply preferably by email to:
  • Alternatively, by post:Sturm Holding GmbH, Personalabteilung, Industriestraße 10, 94330 Salching, Germany
  • If there is currently no vacancy for you, we look forward to receiving your unsolicited application.
Ideally, structure your documents according to the following criteria:
  • Letter of application
  • Curriculum vitae (chronological)
  • Contact details (telephone number, email address, postal address)
  • Relevant certificates (school, university, training, job references, etc.)
  • Certificates (further education, qualifications, etc.)
What happens after we have received your application?
  • The receipt of your application will be confirmed
  • Review of your application by our personnel and specialist department
  • Your application has aroused our interest: We will arrange an appointment with you for a first interview
  • Be prepared for the interview:
    • Collect information on the company and product portfolio, etc.
    • Be authentic and remember that a little excitement is part of it.
  • If your documents and your personal appearance convince us, you will receive an invitation for a second interview
  • Decision and conclusion of contract

Have confidence in your knowledge, skills and qualifications and convince us. This will bring you one step closer to joining the Sturm-Gruppe!


Your application should include the following:

In order to get a first impression of you and your abilities, we need some meaningful application documents from you, for example

  • Cover letter
  • Complete curriculum vitae in tabular form
  • Contact details
  • Recent certificates
  • For students: enrolment certificate
  • If applicable, internship certificates and other certificates
  • For internships and holiday jobs please indicate duration and interests


Elif Bast
Personnel Officer
Telephone +49 94 21 – 55 20-418

Matthias Altmann
Training Manager
Telephone +49 94 21 – 55 20-222

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