The dual vocational training system in Germany serves as a role model worldwide.

For this reason, Chinese teacher delegations travel to Germany every year to obtain detailed knowledge of this form of vocational training over a period of three months.

On Thursday, 15 technical and commercial specialist teachers with their three interpreters made a stop at the Sturm-Gruppe in Salching, which has been an attractive training company with its own training workshop for many years.

The delegation was accompanied by Hans Käfler, responsible for such delegations in the Bavarian Ministry of Culture. Matthias Altmann, the head of training, gave the guests from Shanghai an introductory overview of the company and then focused his presentation on the organisation and course of the training at the Sturm-Gruppe.

A short tour of the company ended in the training workshop, where trainees from the first year of apprenticeship gave Chinese visitors an insight into their activities.