Dedicated employees are the key to long-term success.

For this reason the management of the Sturm-Gruppe honoured a number of company anniversaries on Wednesday, 4th of December 2019.

The following employees were honoured for their long-standing commitment to the company: Michael Muhr (25 years), Georg Vetterl, Christian Seidl, Thomas Reitinger, Roland Klumpe (20 years), Michael Scheppel, Brigitte Reitinger, Florian Brunner, Konrad Greifenstein, Harald Grolms (15 years) and Christina Fleischmann, Matthias Baumgartner, Nadine Hecht, Stefan Gierl, Matthias Achatz, Markus Feilhuber (10 years).

Dr. David Barth, Chairman of the Board of Management, addressed special words of appreciation to the celebrators and presented each individual with certificates and the ladies with additional bouquets of flowers. During a traditional Bavarian Weißwurst breakfast together with the management, the time was used to look back on memories of the past years of work.