At the beginning of the new training year, on 01 September 2021, the training team of Matthias Altmann welcomed our 11 new trainees and dual students. Also this year, the new stage of life for the young adults started with an exciting introduction day in their training company. In addition to a company presentation including a tour of the plant, the program included a round of getting to know each other and, finally, a group photo.

The chairman of the management board, Peter Prinz, appealed to the newcomers that they should see the training period as a great opportunity. The future of Sturm-Gruppe could be significantly shaped by them. He also emphasized that cohesion, mutual respect as well as fun in the daily work are of great importance in the company and wished good success when entering the working world.

The new employees can expect a varied training period. In an innovative and rapidly developing industry environment, they will learn everything about the mechanical engineering sector at first hand through practical tasks.