With a warm welcome, Matthias Altmann, Head of Training at the Sturm-Gruppe, greeted 21 young junior employees at the beginning of the new training year on September 1, 2020.

Together with his training team, he is proud that the young people have decided to complete their new phase of life with the Sturm-Gruppe. They will do their utmost to create optimal conditions for a tailor-made career start.

The Chairman of the Board of Management, Dr. David Barth, wished the trainees and dual students all the best for the time of their training. The Sturm-Gruppe is very interested in long-term employee retention. The skilled workers and experts of tomorrow can grow with the company and have best prospects.

The Managing Director, Maximilian Heger, emphasized the high importance of training at the Sturm-Gruppe. He appealed to the newcomers that they will be essential co-designers of the company’s future. Much more can be achieved together, this is why teamwork is so important at the company; the contribution of each individual counts.

In addition to a get-to-know-you session, the programme included a company presentation and a tour of the company before an interesting and exciting first day at work came to an end.