From left: Simon Obermaier, Emily Schinabeck, Michaela Kerscher (trainee project team Sturm-Gruppe) Matthias Altmann (department manager human resources and training Sturm-Gruppe) and Moritz Hoque (team leader training Sturm-Gruppe) finishing the care packages.


The Russian invasion of Ukraine has already forced hundreds of thousands to flee. The Sturm-Gruppe shows solidarity and helps!

“We were keen to tackle the issue together with our junior staff and founded a small project team of three trainees who took care of the organization of the project and all the logistics,” says Moritz Hoque, Team Leader Training at the Sturm-Gruppe. “A pure monetary donation did not seem sufficient to us – for this reason we decided to use so-called “care packages”,” Mr. Hoque continues. Freely following the motto “There is nothing good, except: You do it”, the three apprentices Emily, Michaela and Simon therefore set up a fundraising campaign, in which every Sturm employee had the opportunity to provide “care packages” or to hand in the necessary money to the apprentice project team. In the case of the latter option, the apprentices then took care of the procurement of the goods and their packaging.

On Thursday, March 24, 2022, the time had finally come: the first 70 boxes were completed and taken to the RKT rescue service in Straubing, more will follow soon. From there, the boxes will go directly to the affected people from Ukraine.

In the end, it was clear to the participating apprentices that they would like to continue their commitment at any time if necessary.

The Sturm-Gruppe also decided to donate EUR 4,000 to a Polish aid organization that focuses on helping children and hospitals in Ukraine. The contact to this charitable institution was made directly through our Polish branch in Rzeszów.