On Sunday, May 22nd, it was finally time again after a two-year break due to the pandemic: The Sturm Group was represented with both running teams and individuals at the Herzogstadtlauf 2022!
Starting and finishing point: The Hagen in Straubing.

And the results were impressive:

In total, the Sturm group achieved 110 kilometers run!

The team of Thermal Surface Technology participated with business unit manager Manuel Wagner (5 km), Wolfgang Schütz (5 km), Felix Rottbauer (5 km), Raphael Foierl (10 km), David Ebenbeck (10 km) and Marco Ebner (10 km). Marco completed the 10 km distance in 47 minutes and 43 seconds.

The Controlling team was part of the 40 km Hafner team run as the “Running Cash” team, finishing in 7th place. The running team consisted of Benjamin Rott (10 km), Head of Controlling, Markus Niedermeier (10 km), Miriam Schiller (10 km) and Christian Dietl (10 km). Christian ran the team best time of 42 minutes and 36 seconds.

Runners from other departments:

Helene Sonnleitner (10 km) – Materials Management Department
Johannes Gentner (10 km) – Apprentice mechatronics engineer
Veronika Karg (5 km) – Marketing department

Respect to all 13 participants for your commitment and great performances!

See you next year when it’s “On your mark – get set – go!” again.