The Sturm-Gruppe is constantly working to improve and adapt its business processes. It has to meet the internal requirements as well as the requirements of its customers, suppliers and all other business partners.

Therefore, as of 01.09.2022, Sturm Airport & Parcel GmbH (“Sturm A&P”) has been merged with Sturm Maschinen- & Anlagenbau GmbH (“Sturm MAB”) in order to improve the performance of the conveyor technology division and the entire Sturm-Gruppe.

“What belongs together is growing together”: The business unit MHS (Material Handling Systems) has so far been operationally managed by both companies, with sales, engineering and project management being carried out by Sturm A&P and the SCM-activities by Sturm MAB. By bundling in one company, the group expect more efficient internal processes and thus an improvement in its performance.