On 01 September 2022, 17 new apprentices, including five dual students, started their professional life at the Sturm-Gruppe in Salching: Three industrial mechanics, two technical product designers, three electronics technicians, one mechatronics technician, one warehouse logistics specialist, two industrial clerks as well as one dual student of mechanical engineering, three dual students of mechatronics and one dual student of industrial engineering.

To make their first day as prospective specialists easier, the 17 young adults were welcomed to their training company with a welcome day. The CEO, Peter Prinz, and the entire training team gave the new colleagues a warm welcome and wished them an instructive and exciting time.

Provided with a lot of information about their employer, their training period as well as an IT training, the apprentices are now fit for their first assignment. The speakers at the induction day also included the works council and the youth and trainee representatives. In small discussion groups, the trainees had the opportunity to address personal questions to Works Council Chairman Markus Weinzierl and JAV Chairwoman Sophia Eberl. In this way, they were able to meet each other at eye level in a relaxed atmosphere right from the start.

Those interested in a career at the Sturm-Gruppe already have the opportunity to apply for 2023. Inform now!