Matthias Eigenstetter (third from left) received the Wilfried Ensinger Award for the best bachelor thesis. Also in the picture Professor Dr. Wolfgang Aumer, Klaus Ensinger and the proud parents (from left). (Photo: Technology Campus)


The Sturm-Gruppe offers four dual study courses in cooperation with the Deggendorf University of Technology – with this model, graduates can look forward to both a bachelor’s degree and completed vocational training at the end, which gives them the best prospects on the job market.

Now, recently, the bachelor graduate, Matthias Eigenstetter, could be congratulated on his outstanding success. His career is another prime example of “Career made in Salching”.

Matthias graduated from the Technology Campus Cham with a bachelor’s degree in mechatronics dual and received the Wilfried-Ensinger Award, endowed with € 1,000, for his first-class bachelor’s thesis.

He became aware of the Sturm-Gruppe through an article in a training magazine. Thereupon he did not hesitate for long and applied for the dual course of studies in mechatronics, which additionally included an apprenticeship as mechatronics engineer. Matthias chose mechatronics because he thought it would give him the best possible overview of all the relevant areas of mechanical engineering.

In September 2016, the time had come: The ambitious student started his professional career at the Sturm-Gruppe with the training as a mechatronics technician. In October 2017, the dual study program began at the Cham Technology Campus. During his training period, Matthias passed through a wide variety of departments: From the milling shop, quality assurance, edging/straightening, deburring to the electrical department and welding shop – until the end of his studies, he was able to gain experience in all relevant departments of the company and thus optimally combine theory with practice. During his apprenticeship, Matthias was also able to work on various projects, such as the electrical assembly of individual systems and various projects related to our ACCS systems.

As part of his bachelor thesis entitled “Acoustic failure analysis of a plasma torch for thermal spray coating”, he dealt with the business area of thermal surface technology. During the work, the student mainly dealt with experiments around the acoustic recording of different fault conditions on the plasma torch. In the subsequent analysis, he determined whether a particular fault condition could be detected on the basis of the frequency spectrum.

Immediately after his successful bachelor’s degree, Matthias had big plans again: For the summer semester 2021, he started his master’s degree “Mechatronic and cyberphysical systems” at the Cham Campus – again in the dual system with the Sturm-Gruppe.

His personal conclusion on his training and study time:

“It was a long and intensive time in which I learned and experienced a lot and which I definitely wouldn’t want to miss anymore.”

Our conclusion:

We are delighted to have Matthias, an exceptionally committed and inquisitive young colleague, on our team.


You can read the corresponding newspaper article here.


The Sturm-Gruppe is one of the largest regional training companies. Besides a first-class training quality and support, broad perspectives and very good chances of being taken over contribute to an excellent basis for a professional future.

Information about the dual study program at the Sturm-Gruppe can be found here.